About Jinnah Estate

We deal in all types of property including commercial plots, residential plots, houses and offices which are available for sale, purchase at responsible prices.

About Jinnah Builders

We are also professional builders , we build our own houses and also provide contractual services. We specially deal in rental, buying and selling of houses.

Jinnah Rental Services

Jinnah Estate n Developers is a prominent online Pakistani property & real estate portal, presenting rental properties to both professional and corporate tenants.


From the slopes to the sea or anything in between, our network of real estate professionals can help you buy or sell that perfect vacation home destination.

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Jinnah Estate n Builders is providing best and high quality Sale  services in Islamabad. We offer commercial property for office space in Islamabad. Beside businesses, retailing, hospitality and a host of other purposes in all ranges and categories at the best possible prices in prime locations of Pakistan such as Islamabad.
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Jinnah Estate n Builders is providing best and high quality Rental  services in Islamabad. We as real estate agents of Pakistan can help you in renting your property in any city of pakistan. Also, if you are looking for a house or any other property to take on rent, please go through our database search. We are sure you will find a home for rent throug our online property listing.